Processing fruits and vegetables

The fruit processing industry is one of the largest businesses in the world.

Capuzzo is an Italian company that specializes in the production of a wide range of fruit and vegetable ingredients for all applications.

Our business covers both national
and international markets.

Where and when

Capuzzo is located in north-eastern Italy near the town of Montagnana, in the Po Valley, where strong agricultural traditions are present.
Venice is about 70 Km to the east.

Capuzzo started its work in 1962 as a sole proprietorship using drying technology.

In 1989 the company became a Partnership and the business has continued to expand until the present day in the production of fruit and vegetable pieces, powders and flakes, fruit in syrup and semi-processed products for the bakery industry, organic and baby food products and ready foods.

The factory covers an area of 37,000 m2 with 17,000 m2 indoors and a storage capacity for refrigerated fresh fruit of around 11,000 tonnes.

Key features

Capuzzo can convert huge quantities of fruit into dried products or other forms of processed products
with long shelf lives.

Our experience in the control of the quality modifications that occur during the process,
means we can provide the customer with a product with excellent nutritional and healthy properties.

Capuzzo offers:
• Know how
•Food-processing service and tailor-made products.
•Cooperation with customers and satisfaction of their specific requirements
•Italian style in food preparation

Capuzzo is a medium-sized company and this gives us the flexibility we need to obtain a successful product whilst varying some elements.

By using its existing systems, Capuzzo can satisfy the requirements of the European markets but it is also expanding into other strategic markets.
The main objective of Capuzzo is continuous communication with its customers in order to give the best response to market requirements and offer great value.